How It Works

  1. Place AirWave in the best spot in your home for an over-the-air TV signal
  2. Connect device to your home wifi network via the Mohu TV app
  3. Watch free live, local and streaming television on your favorite devices

Free Live TV

Watch on all your devices with Mohu TV.

Via the Mohu TV app, AirWave allows viewers to combine live, local broadcast TV with free streaming channels in a single familiar, easy-to-use programming guide.

TVs   Streaming

TVs + Streaming




Tablets & Phones

No more wondering what’s on TV.

View program details for what’s on currently, plus see what’s coming up to 14 days in the future. Or select favorites to add to “My Channels” to eliminate wasted time scrolling.

Watch Everywhere

Free TV Everywhere.

Just download the Mohu TV app on your compatible device, and it will automatically discover your AirWave device and walk you through a few simple steps to get set up.


At launch, AirWave will work with:

Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android, Web


Mohu ClearPix Technology

ClearPix Dynamically Improves Signal

Mohu ClearPix technology dynamically responds to over-the-air signals and adjusts them in real-time, automatically improving image reception.


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